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The Linden Eagles Athletic Association, establish in 1967 is the founding youth sports organization in the Linden community. It served over 4,000 youth and provided a community camaraderie that bonded Linden for generations. Birth from this organization is the Linden Eagles Alumni Group (LEAG) consisting of the former Linden youth residence who participated in the Association. LEAG is a community-based organization whose purpose is to promote the welfare of the Linden Community by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between government officials, amateur athletes, residents and the community. LEAG provides and supports former Linden Eagles Athletic alumni programs and services, facilitates communication with alumni, and seeks to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association and community affiliation by hosting community events, reunions, and expos. We collaborate with over ten different youth amateur, middle school and high school sporting groups, with over 5,000 diverse student athletes (ages 5-18) and parents from the Northeast side (Linden and its surrounding neighborhoods) of Columbus, Ohio. Our targeted boundaries cover, 11th avenue in South Linden up to Morse Road in the Northland area. In addition, we communicate worldwide with former Linden Eagles Alumni from low-to-moderate income households. BRING THE ROAR program helps the LEAG continue our efforts in connecting alumni with various youth, families and senior programming to volunteer and provide mentorship services in the community. In connection with local youth sports programs, seniors and families in the community, LEAG assist with volunteering, meal preparation, and mentoring programming. We offer families workshops on budgeting and Digital Literacy, along with assisting them with connecting with social service resources. We keep them updated on community political activities affecting the community. Annually, we host a LEAG Community Reunion and Expo, a Flag Football uniform and meal drive, Hats, Gloves and Coat Giveaway, Senior Thanksgiving Dinner, Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Fruit Basket, and a local Toy Drive. BRING THE ROAR is unique to other programs because we reach back to those who benefited from the former Linden community services, to ask them to be part of the new growth in the community. We also ask the alumni to connect with other resources so that we can begin to bring the pride back to Linden.


August 8, 1953

June 1, 2019

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