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We are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the community a better place for all. We Are Linden strives to build healthy relationships at all levels of our community, and make a positive impact through three programs and four initiatives. We pride ourselves on being the A.R.E in We Are Linden—Actively, Restoring and Empowering the community.

The Ambassador Program

We Are Linden’s Ambassador Program is a year-round program that ensures that young Black boys & girls have access to positive role models, improves academic performance, builds character, facilitates community service, provides life skills and coaching, and reduces youth violence and juvenile delinquency. The Youth Ambassador Program is a service and mentorship program for youths 11-17 to cultivate community leadership and civic engagement in Linden. Youth have the opportunity to work together on neighborhood-wide service projects, develop activity ideas for our annual community events, contribute to door-to-door resource distribution, and practice leadership skills.

We Are Cleaning Initiative

The We Are Cleaning Initiative is a trash collection initiative designed to promote cleanliness and sanitation in the community. The goal is to create a healthier and more pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy. This initiative provides education and resources about proper waste disposal and policies and regulations to reduce litter and pollution.

Block By Block Initiative

Block By Block is a canvassing initiative that works to identify each resident of the community to connect them to jobs and resources to fit their individual needs. The initiative is a 14-week summer program geared toward youths 11-17 that centers workforce development, civic engagement, and bringing the community together one block at a time.


We Are Linden’s WE ARE MENTORS Program works to educate, empower, and expose youths 8-17 to different jobs and work options as they relate to continuing education and beyond. The program provides a safe environment for youth to develop their minds, interests, and aspirations through culturally relevant conversations and interactions with mentors and thriving members of the Black community in Central Ohio.


WE ARE MENTORS helps young people develop the skills and habits necessary to navigate life positively and productively such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and self-control. As a part of the long-term sustainability of the program, we encourage mentees to become ambassadors, so program participants will have the opportunity to come back and serve their community as a volunteer.


Jays for A’s Initiative

Jays for A’s raises academic performance in the community by the recognition given to program participants who have achieved high grades during a semester or term. Students will be nominated by a teacher or principal to receive a pair of shoes.


We Are Block History Initiative

We Are Block History is a 4-week educational program during the month of February that showcases the contributions of Black leaders in various fields such as arts, health, technology, and life skills. This program is to educate and inspire youth about the diverse and impactful work being done by Black individuals in these areas.


We Are For the Culture Initiative

The We Are For the Culture Initiative contributes to community development by providing opportunities for youth to explore and engage with the fashion industry. By exposing mentees to various aspects of fashion, such as styling, design, and modeling, the initiative not only empowers mentees but also cultivates creativity, entrepreneurship, and economic opportunities within the community.


We Are Good Brothers, Good Sisters

The We Are Good Brothers, Good Sisters initiative contributes to community development by connecting youth with age-appropriate job opportunities within the community.

Community-building Events

WE ARE LINDEN hosts 6 annual Community-Build Events throughout the year. Our events, the Wear Orange Anti-Violence Community Tailgate, the Linden Block Party 614, MLK March in LindenTrunk or Treat, Youth Turkey Bowl, and the Community Love Toy Drive, work to foster a sense of pride, unity, and empowerment among Linden residents while addressing the specific needs and desires of the community. These events provide a platform for resource distribution, open dialogue, civic engagement, and community connection, especially for the predominantly Black youth in South Linden, who are the focus of our accompanying programs. By promoting collective care, and racial and class-based equity, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and create a more inclusive and prosperous community.


The current socio-economic challenges faced by Linden are significant. The neighborhood has a median annual household income well below the state average, coupled with an above-average crime rate. Addressing these root causes of these complex problems requires a comprehensive and community-led approach. WE ARE LINDEN is unique because it has deep roots and genuine connections within the neighborhood. Founded by Ralph Carter, a native of South Linden, our organization is built on personal experiences and a commitment to giving back. This authentic connection allows us to truly understand the needs and aspirations of the community and develop initiatives that are relevant and effective.

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