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Ralph Carter Founder & Executive Director of WE ARE LINDEN

Ralph Carter created WE ARE LINDEN to help change the lives of youth and families through holistic resources and activity provision. With over a decade of experience working with youth from all backgrounds, Carter has impacted the lives of hundreds of youths, instilling a sense of pride in their community and shaping civic-minded young people. From preschool to high school, to working in the fields of juvenile detention and special education, Carter has helped to give systemically at-risk youth a sense of honor both in who they are as individuals and their neighborhood. His determination and motivation have driven his passion to bring positive programs and events geared toward youth and families to build strong relationships to Linden. 


Born and raised in the South Linden neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, Carter witnessed a life of love for family and service to community in his mother Willow Mitchell. She instilled the importance of having pride in himself and his community, and taught him to hold in his heart a love of God and culture and to always remain true to his foundation. Carter was a star football athlete, the only 4-year letterman at Northland High School Class of 2005, and is a proud Alumni of a Historically Black College, Central State University.


Out of his lived experience growing up in Linden, and building a thriving life, Carter began to look for ways to give back. In 2015, WE ARE LINDEN was born as a humble neighborhood tailgate designed to foster community engagement. WE ARE LINDEN is a Black-led, community-based nonprofit that over the past 8 years has evolved to bring transformative programs and events geared toward youth and family development to Linden.


Carter serve as a mentor to help high students create a plan to graduate and prepare them for college/workforce. His love for family and community is why he strives to be a great example for my children Ralph Jr., Riley, and Raegan, as well as a strong and supportive husband to his beautiful wife Alexis. 

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